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Dottiebird's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 9 (From 2 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 45 Points

Gold Rush

Welcome to Gold Rush Unlocked 4/28/14
5 Points
Bouncy:3 5 Points You have used a trampoline
Double Jump anyone? 5 Points You earned the double jump ability
Easy! 5 Points Completed level 1
How Cute! 5 Points My first retry after a gameover, hope this not marks a beginning ofa new era
Burn Baby Burn 10 Points Fell in the lava @ level 3
But, But, I have to win 10 Points Done 10 retry's after a gameover screen
Dat lava doe 10 Points Completed level 2
Friggin lasers! 10 Points You earned the shoot laser ability!
Ouch 10 Points Get hurt by a laser
Dat lava jump doe 25 Points Completed level 3
NO LIFE! 25 Points Uhm Wow, I did 100 retry's after a gameover screen!
Pepzi Consultant 25 Points I have found a pepzi consultant, what is this I don't even?!
So Close :C 50 Points Went gameover on the last level!!
All Hearts 100 Points Completed the game while finding all hearts and not getting hurt.
Completed The Game! 100 Points IMPOSSIBRUUU!
OMG I'm done! 100 Points Completed level 4

Medals Earned: 1/17 (5/500 points)

Mine Quest

Choppin' Unlocked 4/25/14
5 Points
Craft an axe.
Crafter Unlocked 4/25/14
5 Points
Open up the craft menu.
DIAMONDZ Unlocked 4/25/14
5 Points
Mine a diamond block.
Diggin' Unlocked 4/25/14
5 Points
Craft a shovel.
Getting...well, you know. Unlocked 4/25/14
5 Points
Collect wood.
Hello World Unlocked 4/25/14
5 Points
Start playing.
Minin' Unlocked 4/25/14
5 Points
Craft a pickaxe.
Rock Bottom Unlocked 4/25/14
5 Points
Mine down to the world's bottom layer.
Diamond Blocks 5 Points Smelt and hold 100 blocks of diamonds.
Gold Blocks 5 Points Smelt and hold 100 blocks of gold.
I gotta jar of dirtttt 5 Points Mine and hold 500 blocks of dirt.
Iron Blocks 5 Points Smelt and hold 100 blocks of iron.
Medieval 5 Points Smelt cobble stone.
Protective 5 Points Craft and hold 50 fences.
Shiny 5 Points Smelt sand.
Suburban 5 Points Smelt clay.
Tool Master I 10 Points Craft all iron tools.
Tool Master II 10 Points Craft all gold tools.
Tool Master III 25 Points Craft all diamond tools.

Medals Earned: 8/19 (40/125 points)